A reward of $100 million

  I plan to set up the headquarters of the international language organization in New York of the United States, or Moscow of Russia, the capital of any European country, New Delhi of India, Bangkok of Thailand, Hanoi of Vietnam, Tokyo of Japan, Ottawa of Canada, the capital of Australia, the capital of Indonesia, the capital of Malaysia, the capital of Brazil, the capital of Egypt and Argentina The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Chile, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  If anyone helps me to contact any of the above countries and accept my plan, then after the birth of the international language organization, when the funds are sufficient, I will pay 100 million US dollars as a bonus.

gaigailun Founder of international language organization 2020-4-18,beijing,China

This is a computer translation,The original is in Chinese

  悬赏一亿美元:   我计划把国际语言组织的总部设立在美国的纽约,或者,俄罗斯的莫斯科,欧洲任何国家的首都,印度的新德里,泰国的曼谷,越南的河内,日本的东京,加拿大的渥太华,澳大利亚的首都,印度尼西亚的首都,马来西亚的首都,巴西的首都,埃及的首都,阿根廷的首都,智利的首都,南非的首都,阿联酋的首都,沙特的首都,伊朗的首都。   如果,谁帮助我联系到以上任何一个国家,接受我的计划,那么,国际语言组织诞生后,在资金充足时,支付一亿美元,作为奖金。