Investment statement of International Language Organization headquarters building
( gaigailun founder of International language organization )

Instruction 1
Scale of the headquarters building of the International Language Organization
The headquarters of the International Language Organization has two buildings, one is the academic research building and the other is the five-star hotel building. The hotel has about 500 guest rooms and conference rooms, providing accommodation services for the staff of International Language Organization, about 100 guest rooms. For the rest rooms, when the International Language Organization holds academic conferences, it provides accommodation services for language scholars all over the world, about 5 days a month, and the remaining 25 days are free time. The guest rooms of the hotel are open to the public in their spare time, and the operating profit is converted into the financial revenue of International Language Organization. The annual operating profit is estimated to be 100 million.

Instruction 2
Basic information of International Language Organization
1. The purpose of the International Language Organization is to promote the development of language science all over the world and the progress of human language. 2. Main tasks of the International Language Organization: A. establish a worldwide platform that people all over the world can use to raise questions, study and solve problems for promoting human language progress. B. Establish a global coordination mechanism for all countries in the world Local language studies communicate, cooperate with each other and provide services. Provide services for the protection, promotion and development of national languages all over the world. Exchange opinions, reach consensus and provide services around the world. wait. C. Develop and fund important Linguistics Research activities, reward people who have made great contributions to human language progress, and carry out worldwide seminars, forums and conferences on language. wait. 3. Organization mode of International Language Organization: national membership system. 4. Organs of International Language Organization: General Assembly of Member States; council; The Standing Council; chairman; secretariat; Academic research departments include: various research institutes, language foundation, language Progress Award Committee, world language university; Protect the nation Language Committee; wait. 5. The main characteristics of International Language Organization: international organization established between countries, organizations built and maintained with the strength of Member States, and organizations for the participation of the whole world. Specialized in promoting the language progress of all mankind. 6. Status of International Language Organization: its status is determined by agreement between Member States and cannot be determined by internal registration in any country. The relations between the International Language Organization and any country are diplomatic relations and do not belong to the internal jurisdiction of any country 。 The International Language Organization belongs to all mankind. Everything in it represents all mankind and everything in it is decided by all mankind. 7. Funds for International Language Organization: A. funds borne by Member States. B. Service income. C. Accept donations from all over the world. D. Other income.

Instruction 3
The business of International Language Organization mainly includes
1. Linguistic research carried out by scholars in various research departments of the International Language Organization. 2. The International Language Organization shall invite tenders for linguistic research projects all over the world, and determine the amount of funding according to the size and difficulty of the project. 3. Hold a global seminar and Conference on human language. The number of participants is determined according to the number of people that can be accommodated in the conference room of the international language organization. About 10 meetings are held every year, with about 500 to 1000 people per meeting. 4. Coordinate various global activities to promote human language progress, including the cooperation of various research institutions, various disciplines, various countries and regions, and so on. 5. Other activities related to human language.

Instruction 4
Income and expenditure forecast of the International Language Organization
The income is as follows.
1. The funding of the international language organization is borne by the member states. At the beginning of its establishment, it is expected that 20 countries will become member states, with an average annual contribution of US $2 million per country and a total of US $40 million. 2. The service building of the international language organization is designed as a five-star hotel, with about 400 guest rooms. Provide accommodation services for participants when international language organizations hold global linguistic seminars and other meetings. Open for business when free. The international language organization holds a global seminar about once or twice a month. The duration of the seminar is generally three days. The guest rooms and conference rooms in the service building can be open for business about 27 days a month. According to the medium price in Beijing, 600 yuan to 1000 yuan per room per day. According to a conservative estimate, each guest room has 500 yuan per day and 400 guest rooms, with a total income of 200000 per day and 70 million per year. For the convenience of external business, the external name of the service building can be called international expert hotel or other more prominent names. 3. The Language University of the international language organization is a world-class university with about 3000 students. If tuition fees are charged, then according to the ultra-low tuition level, 10000 yuan per person per year, a total of 30 million yuan. 4. The international language organization was founded to promote the language progress of all mankind. It belongs to all mankind. People all over the world can donate money to the international language organization. Since the amount of contributions cannot be determined, only the first three aspects of income are counted, with a total annual income of 140 million.

The expenditure is as follows.
1. The expenditure on academic research is about 10 million, which is flexible and can be compressed.
2. Wages and administrative expenses are about 20 million yuan, which is not flexible and can not be compressed. The above two items add up to 30 million. The surplus of revenue and expenditure is 110 million.

Instruction 5
The great historical role of International Language Organization In the long historical development of mankind, the development level of language lags behind the level of economy and science and technology, and the development mode of language is also natural and passive. In today's world, there are many problems with human language. For example, the Internet can transmit information to the world in a few seconds. However, people all over the world do not understand foreign languages after seeing information. Objective things have laws, but the languages of various countries do not reflect this law, and people's mastery of scientific knowledge through language is limited. The human brain thinks according to the law and needs language to assist thinking. However, this interrelated relationship is not reflected in the vocabulary of language... Today's human beings should solve the problems existing in language, promote the development of human language to an advanced stage, and create language conditions for the development of human society to a highly civilized historical stage. This is a huge systematic project in the world and a long-term great historical task. It requires the joint efforts of people all over the world, the cooperative research of scientists all over the world and the pooling of forces all over the world. This requires a worldwide coordinating body and the creation of an international language organization. Only the international language organization can undertake this project. People all over the world use the platform of international language organization to ask questions, study problems and solve problems. The language in the advanced stage of human beings should be like this. The language function of human brain has evolved to the advanced stage, and human beings have created a high-level language. The language function of human brain has evolved, which will promote the upgrading of high-level language. The upgrading of high-level language will promote the evolution of language function of human brain. Driven by the international language organization, language function and high-level language will promote each other and develop continuously. High level languages should have the following functions. 1. High level language can promote more developed human brain, more agile thinking and stronger cognitive ability. 2. High level language can promote human knowledge system to be more reasonable, and human knowledge will be easier and richer. 3. The vocabulary of high-level language highlights the excellent culture of all countries and nationalities in the world, and human society will be more beautiful and noble. 4. High level language can promote the development of human potential. 5. High level language can promote human spiritual communication. 6. The high-level language is developing dynamically. The high-level language can be continuously upgraded according to the research results of language science. 7. High level language itself has very scientific rationality, and it is very easy to learn high-level language. 8. High level languages do not exclude languages of all countries. High level languages coexist with languages of all countries in the world. 9. All countries and nationalities can use high-level languages to spread their national languages and their excellent culture. 10. High level language is a language without interests. High level language serves the progress of all mankind, not for any country. 11. High level language can promote the evolution of human nature. It is a tool for human beings to learn scientific knowledge and conduct scientific research. It is the key to develop human potential. It is a language that human beings must have in the historical stage of high civilization in the future. Therefore, high-level language is the language that everyone should master. Only high-level language is suitable to become a universal language in the world. Everyone not only master their mother tongue, but also master high-level language. High-level language has become everyone's second mother tongue and the common mother tongue of people all over the world.

Instruction 6
Benefits of international language organizations for founding countries < br > 1. The international language organization is a global coordinating body for promoting human language progress, a platform for people all over the world, and a particularly important international organization. The international language organization is established in the founding country, which will become the Holy Land in the field of language all over the world (just as Jerusalem is the holy land of Religion), which is the holy land of human language progress. The dawn of mankind's future highly civilized historical stage rises in the founding country! The founding nation will be respected all over the world. 2. Today is a historical period that needs to promote the progress of human language and the birth of international language organizations. If the international language organization is established in any country, this country will become a great country in this historical period. 3. The establishment of an international language organization in the founding country will increase the international influence of the founding country, increase the popularity of its enterprises and universities in the world and increase economic benefits. 4. Around the International Language Organization headquarters building, the land price of about 10 square kilometers will rise, the turnover of shops around the International Language Organization headquarters building will increase, and the government tax will increase. 5. The annual consumption of international language organizations in the founding countries is about tens of millions of dollars. The international language organization holds about ten global linguistic seminars every year to discuss how to promote the progress of human language. There are about 500 linguists from all over the world in each seminar. A total of about 5000 people come to the founding country every year. Many people travel and shop in the founding country. 6. The international language organization will transmit the information of the founding country to many parts of the world. After people in many places know the information of the founding country, they may come to the founding country for tourism and investment. 7. In the future, the international language organization has made great progress in promoting human language, which is the great contribution made by the founder country to human society, and the great achievement of the president and people of the founder country, which will last forever. 8. All people in the world who pursue the progress of human history should pay tribute to the founding country!

Instruction 7
Method for determining the membership of the international language organization Countries that comply with the provisions of the international language organization take the lead in inviting the countries that established the international language organization as the founding countries. From the first to the tenth member states are permanent members. The eleventh to thirtieth member states are members. The member states after the thirty first are ordinary member states. The member states of the international language organization are ranked according to the chronological order of their accession to the international language organization.

Investment statement of International Language Organization headquarters building
( gaigailun founder of International language organization )
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国际语言组织总部有两个大厦,一个是学术研究大厦,一个是五星级宾馆大厦。 宾馆大约有五百个客房和会议室,为国际语言组织的工作人员提供住宿服务,大约100个客房。其余客房,国际语言组织召开学术会议时,为世界各地的语言学者提供住宿服务,每个月大约5天,其余25天为空闲时间。宾馆的客房空闲时间对外营业,营业利润转为国际语言组织的财政收入,每年的营业利润估计一亿。

1,国际语言组织的宗旨,推动全世界的语言科学的发展,推动全人类的语言的进步。 2,国际语言组织的主要任务:A,建立世界性的平台,全世界人可以利用这个平台为促进人类语言进步提出问题,研究问题,解决问题。B,建立全球的协调机制,为全球各地的语言研究的沟通,相互配合,提供服务。为全球各地的民族语言的保护,发扬,提供服务。为全球各地交流意见,达成共识,提供服务。等等。C,开展和资助重要的语言学的研究活动,奖励对人类语言进步做出重大贡献的人,开展世界范围的关于语言的研讨会,论坛,大会。等等。 3,国际语言组织的组织方式:实行国家会员制。 4,国际语言组织的机构:会员国大会;理事会;常务理事会;主席;秘书处;学术研究部门包括:各种研究所,语言基金会,语言进步奖委员会,世界语言大学;保护民族语言委员会;等等。 5,国际语言组织的主要特征:在国家之间建立的国际组织,以会员国的力量搭建和维护的组织,供全世界参与的组织。专门从事推动全人类的语言进步的活动。 6,国际语言组织的地位:它的地位由会员国之间的约定确定,不能在任何国家的内部注册确定。国际语言组织与任何国家的关系都是外交关系,不属于任何国家的内政管辖。国际语言组织是属于全人类的,它的一切都代表全人类,它的一切都由全人类决定。 7,国际语言组织的经费:A,会员国承担经费。B,服务收入。C,接受全世界的捐助。D,其他收入。

1,国际语言组织的各种研究部门的学者开展的语言学的研究。 2,国际语言组织向全世界开展的语言学的研究课题的招标,根据课题大小和难度确定经费资助数额。 3,召开全球的人类语言问题的研讨会,大会。根据国际语言组织的会议室的可容纳的人数确定参加会议的人数。每年大约举办10次会议,每次会议大约500人到1000人之间。 4,协调全球范围内的推动人类语言进步的各种活动,包括,各个研究机构的合作,各个学科领域的合作,各个国家地区的合作,等等。 5,其他的有关人类语言的活动。


1,国际语言组织的经费由会员国承担,成立初期,预计有二十个国家成为会员国,平均每个国家每年缴纳二百万美元,总数四千万美元。 2,国际语言组织的服务楼按照五星级宾馆设计,大约有400个客房。在国际语言组织召开全球的语言学的研讨会等会议时,给参加会议人员提供住宿服务。空闲时,对外营业。国际语言组织大约一到两个月召开一次全球的研讨会,会期一般为三天,服务楼的客房和会议室等,每个月大约有27天可以对外营业。按照北京的中等价格,每个客房每天600元到一千元。保守的估计,每个客房每天五百元,四百个客房,每天总计收入20万,每年总计七千万。为了对外营业的方便,服务楼对外的名称可以叫国际专家大酒店,或者其他的更显赫的名称。 3,国际语言组织的语言大学是世界一流大学,在校生大约三千人,如果收学费,那么,按照超低的学费水平,每人每年一万元,总数三千万元。 4,国际语言组织是为了推动全人类的语言进步而创立的,是属于全人类的,全世界人可以给国际语言组织捐款。 由于捐款数额无法确定,所以仅仅统计前三个方面的收入,每年总收入一亿四千万。

1,学术研究方面支出大约一千万,这方面弹性大,可以压缩。 2,工资和行政费用等大约两千万,弹性小,不能压缩。 上面两项合计三千万。 收支盈余一亿一千万。

在人类的漫长的历史发展中,语言的发展水平落后于经济和科技的水平,语言的发展方式也是自然的被动的。当今世界,人类语言存在很多问题,例如,互联网在几秒钟之内,可以把信息传递到全球,但是,世界各地的人看到信息之后,不懂外国文字。客观事物是有规律的,但是,各国的语言没有体现出这个规律,人们通过语言掌握科学知识受到了限制。人类大脑是按照规律思考的,需要语言辅助思考,但是,语言的词汇之间没有体现出这个相互关联的关系…… 今天的人类应该解决语言存在的问题,推动人类语言发展到高级阶段,为人类社会发展到高度文明的历史阶段创造语言条件。这是全世界的巨大的系统的工程,是长期的伟大的历史任务,需要全世界人共同努力,需要全世界的科学家合作研究,需要汇集全世界的力量。这需要一个全世界的协调机构,需要创立国际语言组织,只有国际语言组织能够承担起这个工程。全世界人利用国际语言组织这个平台提出问题,研究问题,解决问题。 人类的高级阶段的语言,应该是这样的,人类大脑的语言机能进化到了高级阶段,人类创造了一个高级语言。人类大脑的语言机能进化了,将会推动高级语言的升级。高级语言的升级将会促进人类大脑的语言机能的进化。在国际语言组织的推动之下,语言机能和高级语言将会相互促进,不断的向前发展。 高级语言应该具备下列功能。1,高级语言能够促进人类大脑更加发达,思维更加敏捷,认识能力更加强大。2,高级语言能够促进人类的知识体系更加合理,人类掌握知识将会更加容易,更加丰富。3,高级语言的词汇突出弘扬世界各个国家各个民族的优秀文化,人类社会将会更加美好,高尚。4,高级语言能够促进人类潜能的开发。5,高级语言能够推动人类的心灵相通。6,高级语言是动态发展的,高级语言能够根据语言科学的研究成果不断的升级。7,高级语言自身具备十分的科学合理性,学习高级语言十分容易。8,高级语言不排斥各国语言,高级语言与各国语言共存于世界。9,各个国家各个民族,可以利用高级语言传播自己的民族语言,传播自己的优秀的文化。10,高级语言是无利益语言,高级语言是为了全人类的进步服务,不是专门为了哪一个国家服务。11,高级语言能够促进人类本质的进化,是人类学习科学知识和进行科学研究的工具,是开发人类潜能的钥匙,是人类进化到未来的高度文明的历史阶段必须具备的语言。因此,高级语言是每个人应该掌握的语言,只有高级语言适合成为世界通用语言。每个人在掌握自己的母语的同时,也掌握高级语言,高级语言成为每个人的第二母语,成为全世界人的共同母语。

1,国际语言组织是全球的推动人类语言进步的协调机构,是全世界人的平台,是特别重要的一个国际组织。国际语言组织设立在创始国,创始国将会成为全世界的语言领域的圣地(就像耶路撒冷是宗教的圣地一样),这是人类语言进步的圣地。人类未来高度文明的历史阶段的曙光在创始国升起!创始国将会受到全世界的尊敬。 2,如今是需要推动人类语言进步的历史时期,是需要诞生国际语言组织的历史时期。国际语言组织设立在任何一个国家,那么,这个国家将会成为现在的这个历史时期的伟大国家。 3,国际语言组织设立在创始国,将会增加创始国的国际影响力,将会增加创始国的企业和大学的在世界上的知名度,增加经济效益。 4,国际语言组织总部大厦的周围,大约10平方公里的土地价格将会上涨,国际语言组织总部大厦的周边的商店的营业额将会增加,政府的税收将会增加。 5,国际语言组织每年在创始国的消费额大约数千万美元。国际语言组织每年大约举办十次全球性的语言学的研讨会,讨论如何推动人类语言进步的问题。每次研讨会大约有来自世界各地的语言学家五百人,每年总计大约有五千人来到创始国,很多人在创始国旅游,购物。 6,国际语言组织将会把创始国的信息传递到世界的很多地方,很多地方的人知道了创始国的信息之后,可能会来到创始国旅游,投资。 7,在未来,国际语言组织推动人类语言取得了重大的进步,这是创始国为人类社会做出的伟大贡献,这是创始国总统和人民的丰功伟绩,流芳百世。 8,全世界一切追求人类历史进步的人士应该向创始国致敬!

符合国际语言组织的各项规定的国家,率先邀请国际语言组织的设立的国家为创始国。 从第一个到第十个会员国为常任理事国。 第十一个到第三十个会员国是理事国。 第三十一个之后的会员国是普通的会员国。 国际语言组织的会员国的排名按照各国加入国际语言组织的时间的先后顺序排列。